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The MCServe GUI

  • File : MCServe.exe
  • Required files :
    • MCServeAPI for Windows.dll
    • MCServeCore.dll
    • MCServeLib.dll
    • MCServeUpdate.exe
    • Newtonsoft.Json.dll

The Dashboard

The dashboard shows all important current data on the server and provides access to the most important functions.

Player Overview

The player index provides a detailed review of all active and inactive players.

Server Logs

Here are the log files of the server appear formatted.


In this tab, all settings are displayed and can be edited there easily.


It can easily be created and back-ups are exported to an external zip file. If necessary, an existing BackUp be imported from a zip file back.

Plugin Manager

Here is the integrated Plugin Store, can be used to easily install plugins from the MCServe platform. In addition, all installed plugins are listed here and can be managed there.

Update Manager

About the Update Manager, you can easily install updates for the server and installed plugins.

MCServe Account

This tab contains current account data from the MCServe platform. For example, all linked units of account are displayed.

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